Sylt island

The island of Sylt is the northernmost island in Germany and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Sylt is one of the North Frisian Islands and is located in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The island of Sylt has an area of ​​around 99 square kilometers and a population of around 21,000 people (as of 2021). However, in the summer months, the number of residents and visitors increases significantly, as the island is a popular destination for tourists from Germany and abroad.

Some of the most famous beaches on Sylt are Westerland Beach, Listland Beach and Rantumer Beach. The miles of fine sandy Westerland beach is particularly popular with surfers and kite surfers, while the beach around List offers a wonderful view of the Wadden Sea. Rantum Beach is a somewhat quiet and secluded place, perfect for relaxing and sunbathing and for families.

Apart from the beaches, there are of course plenty of activities for visitors on Sylt. The island is known for its gastronomy, especially for its fish dishes and Sylt oysters. There are also plenty of hiking and cycling opportunities to explore the island’s stunning scenery. Footpaths and cycle paths on the island are well developed and you can cycle from List in the north to Hörnum in the south of the island.

Another highlight is a visit to the famous List Lighthouse, which marks the northernmost end of the island. From there you have a spectacular view of the sea and the surrounding countryside.

Places on Sylt

List of the 10 largest towns on the island of Sylt, sorted by population:

  • Westerland
  • Wenningstedt-Braderup
  • Kampen
  • Keitum
  • List
  • Rantum
  • Hörnum
  • Morsum
  • Tinnum
  • Archsum

Westerland is the largest town on the island and also the center of tourism on Sylt. The train station is also located here and Westerland Airport is just outside the city. Wenningstedt-Braderup and Kampen are also very popular holiday resorts and have a wide range of hotels, restaurants and shopping facilities. List is known for its harbor and famous lighthouse, while Rantum and Hörnum are quieter and more remote places on the island. Keitum has a picturesque old town with many historical buildings and Morsum is a small village with a beautiful beach.

Sights of Sylt

Popular sights on Sylt (selection):

  • Kampen lighthouse: The Kampen lighthouse is a symbol of Sylt and offers a breathtaking view over the island and the sea.
  • Westerland Beach: One of the most famous beaches on Sylt and a popular place for surfing, kite surfing and sunbathing.
  • Listland: Listland is a unique landscape of dunes and salt marshes that is best explored by bike or on foot.
  • Sylter Heimatmuseum: The Sylter Heimatmuseum in Keitum provides insights into the culture and history of the island and is a must for those interested in culture.
  • Sylt oysters: Sylt oysters are famous for their taste and can be sampled in many restaurants on the island.
  • Wadden Sea: The Wadden Sea around Sylt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a unique ecosystem that can be experienced on a guided mudflat hike. Boat trips to the seal banks are also offered from Hörnum, among other places.
  • Sansibar Sylt: Sansibar is a famous restaurant and beach bar in Rantum, known for its first-class cuisine, a very large wine selection and its relaxed atmosphere.
  • Braderuper Heide nature reserve: The Braderuper Heide nature reserve is a paradise for nature lovers and offers rare plants and animals as well as many hiking trails.

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