Eating and drinking in Warnemünde: Where can you find the best fish sandwiches in Warnemünde at Alter Strom?

Of course, Warnemünde has completely adapted to the visit of vacationers, tourists and cruise guests. Fish rolls and fried fish are therefore offered at numerous stands on the Alter Strom. You can find some of the best fish rolls at Backfisch-Udo and Backfisch-Tilo. Their fish stands are right on the river. Tilo and Udo sell their delicious fish rolls from a ship. In summer there are usually longer queues in front of the Backfisch-Tilo and Backfisch-Udo sales ships. Because the fish rolls there are really delicious.

Delicious baked fish and fish rolls: Backfisch-Udo in Warnemünde

Backfisch Udo Warnemünde Alter Strom

Backfisch Udo Warnemünde Alter Strom

Baltic Sea resort of Warnemünde in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Warnemünde is a Baltic Sea resort in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania near Rostock that is popular with tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world. With its miles of sandy beaches (including Weststrand and Hohe Düne), the famous beach promenade, the historic lighthouse and of course the harbour, the Alter Strom, Warnemünde offers plenty of highlights for any weather. Warnemünde is also an important port of call for cruise ships and one of the largest German cruise ports in the Baltic Sea. As a result, thousands of cruise tourists often come to Warnemünde, especially in the summer months.

The tourist infrastructure in Warnemünde is very well developed. There are numerous hotels of all price ranges, various restaurants and shops that cater to the needs and desires of tourists. Leisure activities such as boat tours, harbor tours, sailing and fishing are also very popular. However, tourism also has its downsides. In the summer months it can get very crowded in Warnemünde, which can have a negative impact on the environment and infrastructure. Rising rental and real estate prices are also making it increasingly difficult for locals to live in the city. Above all, of course, around the tourist hotspots of Warnemünde (Alter Strom, beach promenade and around the Kurhaus). Free parking spaces are also very difficult to find in Warnemünde. Nevertheless, Warnemünde is a beautiful place that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially in summer. In the winter months, however, things are much quieter in Warnemünde.

Pictures from Warnemünde

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